Entries from March 2008

West Virginia’s Young Professionals Banding Together

Date Written by Jason Keeling on March 27, 2008

The West Virginia Young Leadership Conference is scheduled for April 23 in Morgantown. While retaining and attracting talented youth is a challenge for West Virginia, the movement to change such has been gaining momentum.
Young people across the state are coming together to expand business opportunities, build professional networks, and enhance the quality of life in [...]

W.Va. ‘Lunatic Asylum’ Name Evokes Controversy

Date Written by Jason Keeling on March 21, 2008

The former Weston Hospital had capacity to provide for up to 2,000 mental health patients until it closed in 1994. This National Historic Landmark remained quiet until 2007, when a contractor purchased it for $1.5 million. The new owners recently decided to market the location by its pre-Civil War name, the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.
That [...]

W.Va. Home to Start-Up Salsa Company

Date Written by Jason Keeling on March 20, 2008

Food is not usually discussed on this site, but today is an exception, as the story of Maggie’s Salsa demonstrates how an entrepreneurial spirit and the right opportunity can lead to business success in West Virginia.
Growing up in Mexico, Magdalena De La Cruz Cook-Garcia (a.k.a. “Maggie”) learned to prepare meals for a large family, but [...]

W.Va. Scholar Award Valued at $90,000

Date Written by Jason Keeling on March 16, 2008

There’s nothing like a good competition to bring out the best in people. In this case, it’s not about sports, but education. Though there won’t be any¬ fake punts¬ or last¬ second shots, the prize is exciting,¬ as the West Virginia Scholar Program winner will benefit for the rest of their life.
High school juniors in¬ [...]