Entries from May 2008

West Virginia Sports World Enjoying Soccer ‘Chaos’

Date Written by Jason Keeling on May 22, 2008

Sports provide a very popular recreational outlet for many West Virginians, who particularly enjoy American football, basketball, and baseball. However, fans can now experience the world’s most well-known sport given the West Virginia Chaos has brought semi-professional soccer to the Mountain State. The club’s home field is located at Schoenbaum Stadium within Coonskin Park, Charleston.
The [...]

West Virginia Learning the Power of Web 2.0 Marketing

Date Written by Jason Keeling on May 10, 2008

Traditional channels of reaching people are rapidly changing, and those organizations that discover, learn, and embrace today’s online technologies will surely be ahead of the curve. The Next Generation Marketing workshop series was designed to help business owners, marketing executives, and entrepreneurs unleash the power of Web 2.0 marketing tools, strategies and tactics. Sessions are [...]

Meet West Virginia’s ‘Generation Next’ Recipients

Date Written by Jason Keeling on May 2, 2008

Traditionally, much of West Virginia’s youth has emigrated to neighboring states in search of greater economic opportunities. However, an increasing number of young professionals and entrepreneurs are bucking that trend, instead choosing to build careers and futures in West Virginia.
The State Journal, a premier business and government publication in West Virginia, recently announced its 2008 [...]