Entries from April 2009

Advancing Generation West Virginia with Social Media Technologies

Date Written by Jason Keeling on April 30, 2009

Today the Generation West Virginia Young Leadership Conference kicks off in Morgantown, an assembly designed to promote the cultivation of young talent throughout the state. Organizers invite readers to participate by spreading word and offering feedback via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter.com, LinkedIn, and the aBetterWestVirginia blog.
Generation West Virginia serves as the figurehead for [...]

Another Battle Over West Virginia’s Blair Mountain

Date Written by Jason Keeling on April 7, 2009

We’re taught from a young age the importance of history. By dissecting the past, we discover a greater understanding of where society has been and where society is going. Every country, state and community chooses to remember events, people, and circumstances that have influenced its identity.
In West Virginia, the 1921 Battle of Blair Mountain [...]