Entries from February 2011

Buffalo Creek: Remembering the Disaster

Date Written by Jason Keeling on February 26, 2011

History is filled with tragic events. Moments characterized by pain, the loss of lives, and human malice or error. These instances compel the public’s attention; they lead us to pause, empathize, and reflect on what’s happened.
But over time, we tend to go about our day-to-days and forget, while those people impacted quietly rebuild their worlds. [...]

‘Essays on a West Virginia Childhood’ Enters New Phase

Date Written by Jason Keeling on February 22, 2011

Last year blogger Elizabeth Gaucher originated an online writing project that encouraged others to connect by recounting their childhoods. She believes reflecting on and articulating childhood experiences can help the individual writer and reader to interpret life more clearly.
When she first conceived the idea, here were a few of her initial thoughts:
“When you Google “West [...]