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A Wired West Virginia Begins With Small Wins

Date Written by Jason Keeling on March 30, 2017

When it comes to the digital world, West Virginia remains one of the least-connected states.
This is a competitive and public disadvantage we can no longer afford to overlook. It impacts the future of education, business, safety and health care in our state.
The politics of broadband here are significant, and to date some elected officials, heavily [...]

‘Enchantment’ Could Help Causes in West Virginia

Date Written by Jason Keeling on December 12, 2013

Persuasive communications can significantly impact business ventures and public issues. As West Virginians continue to seek improved economic and civic conditions, perhaps we can learn something from the perspective of a notable author.
Enchantment, by Guy Kawasaki, highlights various methods to more effectively promote an enterprise or cause, with online technologies offering the means to achieve [...]

Honoring West Virginia’s History Through Exploration

Date Written by Jason Keeling on June 20, 2012

West Virginia has an intriguing history, and on today’s 149th anniversary of statehood, learning more about the Mountain State’s past might be one of the best ways to honor it, particularly as next year’s sesquicentennial milestone approaches.
Doing so helps us gain insight into how our ancestors lived, the struggles they faced, their positive experiences, and [...]

Today, Let’s Think About West Virginia’s Tomorrow

Date Written by Jason Keeling on June 20, 2011

West Virginia is unique, in both wonderful and disappointing ways. Various aspects of our culture are endearing. Some of our cities and towns have much to offer. Many of our schools and professionals are notable. Much of our natural world is captivating.
But today, on the 148th anniversary of the state’s founding, perhaps we should truly [...]

Marketing West Virginia’s People and Places Online

Date Written by Jason Keeling on May 31, 2011

The Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program at West Virginia University has expanded rapidly over the last several years. Their first official conference is June 3/4 in Morgantown.
As one of the nation’s more rural states, West Virginia has traditionally been seen as disconnected from much of the country. However, as state businesses, organizations and residents become [...]

Community Working to Attract Google Broadband Into West Virginia

Date Written by Jason Keeling on March 2, 2010

Internet connectivity is an essential tool in today’s modern economy, but West Virginia lags behind the nation when it comes to Web accessibility.
While 66 percent of U.S. households have Internet access, only 56 percent of West Virginia households are connected to the Web, according to a 2007 task force report by the state Public Service [...]

NBC Washington Not the First to Bash West Virginia

Date Written by Jason Keeling on December 23, 2009

Once again, the Mountain State has been smeared by commentary distributed via a major media conglomerate. NBC Washington columnist Chris Needham featured an account of the public records database developed by the state Division of Culture and History, a system that had previously received praise as “fantastic” in comparison to similar efforts across the country.
In [...]