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Advancing Generation West Virginia with Social Media Technologies

Date Written by Jason Keeling on April 30, 2009

Today the Generation West Virginia Young Leadership Conference kicks off in Morgantown, an assembly designed to promote the cultivation of young talent throughout the state. Organizers invite readers to participate by spreading word and offering feedback via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter.com, LinkedIn, and the aBetterWestVirginia blog.
Generation West Virginia serves as the figurehead for [...]

United, We Blog for a Better West Virginia

Date Written by Jason Keeling on June 20, 2008

Today is important for several reasons. First off, it’s West Virginia Day. But even more important is the movement of state bloggers that have contributed in an effort to reflect a more accurate view of our beloved state. To celebrate our successes, people, places, and culture.
Residents, expatriates, and general observers should enjoy the below collection. [...]

West Virginia Sports World Enjoying Soccer ‘Chaos’

Date Written by Jason Keeling on May 22, 2008

Sports provide a very popular recreational outlet for many West Virginians, who particularly enjoy American football, basketball, and baseball. However, fans can now experience the world’s most well-known sport given the West Virginia Chaos has brought semi-professional soccer to the Mountain State. The club’s home field is located at Schoenbaum Stadium within Coonskin Park, Charleston.
The [...]

W.Va. Learning from Ireland’s Ecotourism Practices

Date Written by Todd Beane on April 25, 2008

By Todd Beane
Ecotourism and sustainable tourism are new buzz words in an industry that is taking greater notice of society’s environmental impact. Responsible travel to natural areas helps conserve the environment and improve the well-being of local people. Broken down into simple terms, ecotourism is the concept [...]

International Films and World Highland Games in W.Va.

Date Written by Jason Keeling on April 21, 2008

Both the West Virginia International Film Festival and the 2008 World Highland Games Heavy Events Championship further illustrate the state’s global connection and our opportunities for cultural enrichment.
From April 22-27 some of this year’s best international films can been seen at the Capitol Center Theater in Charleston. The first screening will feature “Burning the Future: [...]

A Model for Economic Innovation in West Virginia

Date Written by Jason Keeling on April 6, 2008

West Virginia’s tourism sector has become a significant economic engine, given the state’s natural beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and proximity to major markets such as Washington D.C., Pittsburgh and Charlotte. Tourism-related industry employs 44,000 workers and contributes $532 million to state tax revenues, according to Tourism Commissioner Betty Carver, who presented at a recent West [...]

West Virginia’s Business Potential in a Web 2.0 World

Date Written by Jason Keeling on April 2, 2008

Maple Creative’s Skip Lineberg and I will present “Business for Breakfast” at the Charleston Marriott’s Whitewater Grille, on April 25, from 7:30-8:30 a.m. The focus will be Web 2.0: Blogs, Pods and Twitters — How Emerging Internet Technologies Can Enhance Business Communications. We’ll consider the growing importance of blogs, podcasts, and social media sites like [...]